April 21st: Kindergarten Day

April 21st: Kindergarten Day - Kingdom TalesThere are very few things as thrilling as graduating – even if it is only from kindergarten. The importance of kindergarten is, perhaps, best shown by the fact that we actually have a Kindergarten Day on the calendar. And, if you want to show how much you appreciate your kindergartener, you may want to buy them a set of The Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy!

More than just another Fairy Tales collection, The Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy offers a plethora of life lessons in a setting that even the youngest of children can relate to. Dealing with such important issues as honesty, loyalty, courage and even the importance of a positive self-image, the Trilogy is a wonderful gift to honor your kindergarten with. Illustrated by artists from around the world, this is a collection that might be received when you are five, but is as ageless as the topics it deals with!

April 16th: Love a Tree Day

April 16th: Love a Tree Day - Kingdom TalesDo you remember the Chipko Movement of the mid 70’s?  It was when 28 women in the village of Latta in the Himalayans in India encircled the trees that loggers hired by the Indian government had been hired to cut down. They stood their ground in the midst of threats of violence, and the term “tree hugger” was added to our vocabulary (in Hindi, chipko literally means “to hug”).

Maybe that is where the whole idea of Love a Tree, as celebrated on April 16th, came from. Interestingly enough, The Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy helps to honor this particular special day in a couple of ways.  

First of all, the forest is an important part of a number of stories in the Trilogy. As a form of Fairy Tales and stories, the Trilogy shares the importance of all of creation to our way of life. Further, and perhaps more importantly, these Fairy Tales books for kids can be purchased in an e-book format, thus allowing us to love trees every day! If you, and those you love, enjoy your Fairy Tales illustrated, you will not be disappointed by the e-book version of the Trilogy either, as the pictures that enhance the stories have been created by artists from around the world. Don’t hesitate, not even a minute, but rather purchase your e-book copies of the Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy before April 16th, showing that you truly do love a tree!

April 9th: Name Yourself Day

Name Yourself Day - Kingdom TalesHave you ever taken the time to research what your name means?  For example, one of the meanings of the name Melissa is bee – – and the ones I know are, in fact, as busy as one!  The thing is, if you were going to give yourself a name, would it reflect who you are or who you want to be?  As you can see, this is more than an intriguing question!

In the trilogy under discussion, many people find their names being changed – usually from who they think they are to who they actually are.  Written as a form of fairy tales collection, it is much more than that.  You see, the works are a form of a Baedeker of life, dealing with such traits as honesty, loyalty, courage, and even the importance of a positive self-image.  If you want to do a little research and see how important names are, and how we reflect the names we should bare, make arrangements to acquire The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy!

National School Librarian Day

National School Librarian Day - Kingdom TalesI have encountered a lot of teachers that some students didn’t like. Sometimes it was the student’s fault that they didn’t like them, but sometimes it was the teacher’s fault! However, in my over forty years in the realm of education I have never found a Librarian that kids don’t like! Maybe it is because they are so often grandmotherly in their appearance. Or, maybe it is because of their soft and gentle demeanor. Actually, I think all kids like Librarians because they unlock the world to them through the books they provide them with!  I do know one thing – if you want to honor and/or reward a school librarian for their service, the best way to do so is by giving them some new volumes for their library. And, nothing would please them more than to get a set of The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

While some might dub The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy a Fairy Tales collection, the truth of the matter is they are much more than that. They are a guide to help young people to learn the importance of honesty, loyalty, friendship, and a host of other life issues. Illustrated by talented artists from around the world, The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy is something that would definitely make a school librarian’s day!

Children’s Book Day

Children’s Book Day - Kingdom TalesAs I look back over my life as a child (and I have to look back a long way!), I often think of the favorite books in my life. There was Herb Kent: West Point Cadet; Tom Swift and the Blue Devil of the Amazon and Random Harvest. If I were going to celebrate Children’s Book Day by purchasing books, however, I think my first choice would be The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy!

Created as a Fairy Tales Collection, this Trilogy is far more than just that. Elaborating on the importance of such things as being honest, loyal, trustworthy and even a good friend, the Trilogy tends to be something that is not only good reading, but to also be the springboard for a number of good discussions as well. Illustrated by artists from around the world, this more than fits the bill for those who like to have their Fairy Tales illustrated!