April 21st: Kindergarten Day

April 21st: Kindergarten Day - Kingdom TalesThere are very few things as thrilling as graduating – even if it is only from kindergarten. The importance of kindergarten is, perhaps, best shown by the fact that we actually have a Kindergarten Day on the calendar. And, if you want to show how much you appreciate your kindergartener, you may want to buy them a set of The Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy!

More than just another Fairy Tales collection, The Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy offers a plethora of life lessons in a setting that even the youngest of children can relate to. Dealing with such important issues as honesty, loyalty, courage and even the importance of a positive self-image, the Trilogy is a wonderful gift to honor your kindergarten with. Illustrated by artists from around the world, this is a collection that might be received when you are five, but is as ageless as the topics it deals with!

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