April 9th: Name Yourself Day

Name Yourself Day - Kingdom TalesHave you ever taken the time to research what your name means?  For example, one of the meanings of the name Melissa is bee – – and the ones I know are, in fact, as busy as one!  The thing is, if you were going to give yourself a name, would it reflect who you are or who you want to be?  As you can see, this is more than an intriguing question!

In the trilogy under discussion, many people find their names being changed – usually from who they think they are to who they actually are.  Written as a form of fairy tales collection, it is much more than that.  You see, the works are a form of a Baedeker of life, dealing with such traits as honesty, loyalty, courage, and even the importance of a positive self-image.  If you want to do a little research and see how important names are, and how we reflect the names we should bare, make arrangements to acquire The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy!

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