Children’s Book Day

Children’s Book Day - Kingdom TalesAs I look back over my life as a child (and I have to look back a long way!), I often think of the favorite books in my life. There was Herb Kent: West Point Cadet; Tom Swift and the Blue Devil of the Amazon and Random Harvest. If I were going to celebrate Children’s Book Day by purchasing books, however, I think my first choice would be The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy!

Created as a Fairy Tales Collection, this Trilogy is far more than just that. Elaborating on the importance of such things as being honest, loyal, trustworthy and even a good friend, the Trilogy tends to be something that is not only good reading, but to also be the springboard for a number of good discussions as well. Illustrated by artists from around the world, this more than fits the bill for those who like to have their Fairy Tales illustrated!

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