National School Librarian Day

National School Librarian Day - Kingdom TalesI have encountered a lot of teachers that some students didn’t like. Sometimes it was the student’s fault that they didn’t like them, but sometimes it was the teacher’s fault! However, in my over forty years in the realm of education I have never found a Librarian that kids don’t like! Maybe it is because they are so often grandmotherly in their appearance. Or, maybe it is because of their soft and gentle demeanor. Actually, I think all kids like Librarians because they unlock the world to them through the books they provide them with!  I do know one thing – if you want to honor and/or reward a school librarian for their service, the best way to do so is by giving them some new volumes for their library. And, nothing would please them more than to get a set of The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

While some might dub The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy a Fairy Tales collection, the truth of the matter is they are much more than that. They are a guide to help young people to learn the importance of honesty, loyalty, friendship, and a host of other life issues. Illustrated by talented artists from around the world, The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy is something that would definitely make a school librarian’s day!

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