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These tales draw us almost imperceptibly into the Kingdom through the open doors of whimsy and invention. – Luci Shaw

Just like “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “Little Pilgrim’s Progress; “Tales of the Kingdom,” “Tales of the Resistance,” and “Tales of the Restoration” are some of the finest books you can read to your children, while enjoying them, and learning from them yourself! – Amazon

“My husband and I read this book while I was pregnant with our first child.  It moved us deeply.  Now, we want to read it to our little one and give it as a gift to others.  PLEASE, PLEASE.  PRINT IT AGAIN!” Customer on Amazon

“It is a tragedy not to have this book available.”

“Love, love, love these books! I read them out loud to my five kids, ages eight down to two, and we all couldn’t get enough. I cried about 87% of the time. Just a warning!” Aprice on Amazon, 11-13-2013

“Off the hook!” Sam on Goodreads – 7-18-2009

“I first read these stories when I was young and they impacted me deeply. It is now a privilege to be reading them to my children.” Miguel on Amazon, 4-2-2014

“Hands down, the best children’s stories in the English language. I’ve worked with kids my whole adult life, but only discovered these books a few years ago. I’ve read them to small children, and the tales capture them. I’ve read them with teenagers, and the action and excitement keeps them interested- And the story makes them think. Parents, you’ll love these books to. You’ll WANT to read them to your kids, again and again.” Chuck on Amazon 8-13-11

“Wow, wow, wow!  So far we’ve only read Tales of the Kingdom, and it’s our family favorite!”

“Classic, solid, beautiful, digestable, encouraging, truth-filled children’s storybook.” Emily on Goodreads, 8-29-12

“6 years ago my teacher read the book to me. It was one of the few things that sticks with you through the years. Princess Amanda is the best in the book. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check it out!!!!!!!” A Customer on Amazon, 3-11-1999

“These are books for all ages!” “I heard these stories when I was very, very young, and now as a grown man, they still bring tears to my eyes.”

“I have been reading Tales of the Kingdom to my three kids, ranging in age from five to nine. The middle one is especially fidgety in nature and cannot sit still. I laugh when I tell my husband that for each and every story I read, you can hear a pin drop. If I look up from reading, they all have their chins cupped in their hands with eyes staring wide at me. And, of course, when the story is over, the kids cry, ‘Please! Please! Keep on reading!’” Kat on Amazon, 9-29-2011

“Great for inspiring courage in kids and the young at heart of all ages. Excellent values taught in a highly creative way. To the King! To the Restoration!” Newmon on Amazon, 1-20-2014

“My son and I read this book together. The lessons in it are incredible. The stories are interesting and they open the doors for great discussion about life issues.” J. Jo on Amazon, 11-2-200

“I first read these stories when I was young and they impacted me deeply. It is now a privilege to be reading them to my children.”

“Unique and enjoyable for young and old. I learn from it myself, then I teach from it. Please bring it back into print.”

“This book is hard to describe. I’ve heard it read out loud so many times I almost know the story by heart, and it never fails to fascinate me. The message is so beautiful it touched me as a child (I can even remember crying I was so overcome), and to this day it continues to speak to me.” Lydia on Goodreads, 2-18-2010

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