National Library Week

National Library Week - Kingdom TalesThere is an eventuality lurking out there, hiding amongst the Cloud and the Internet, threatening to attack us when we least expect it. “What is that eventuality?” you may ask. Well, it is the sad thought that some day there will be no books and no libraries – – just GOOGLE Search! That’s why it is imperative that we take this opportunity to celebrate National Library Week! There are, of course, a number of ways to celebrate a national holiday – parties, parades, fire works! Perhaps the best way to celebrate National Library Week, however, is to present your favorite library with a set of The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

Crafted as a Fairy Tales Collection it is actually much, much more. While it is a book of Fairy Tales for Children of sorts, it is also a Baedeker for life – – emphasizing such issues as loyalty, honesty, and even the importance of having a positive self image. And, if you like to have your Fairy Tales illustrated you will not be disappointed, either, as the artwork in this trilogy has been created by artists from around the world!

National Make up your own Holiday

National Make up your own Holiday - Kingdom TalesWhat a wonderful idea: Make Up Your Own Holiday! We can’t take “Festivus for the rest of us,” because The Seinfeld Show has already beaten us to it! However, with the world the way it is today, what we might want to consider is day where we can concentrate on teaching out kids about such important life issues as honesty, hard work and even the importance of a positive self image. We could, perhaps, call it, Learn About Life Day, and for our textbook we might want to consider The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

Created as a modern day fairy tales collection, the Trilogy elaborates on the previous mentioned topics, as well a great deal more.  While fairy tales for children are always entertaining, as is the Trilogy, not all of them can actually be considered a Baedeker for life the way the Trilogy can be. And, if you like your fairy tales illustrated, you will by no means find the Trilogy a disappointment, as artists worldwide have contributed to the illustrations in the new version!

Have a Piece of Pi(e)

Have a Piece of Pi(e) - Kingdom TalesAll of us love learning! Remember this little symbol π which was equivalent to 3.141592653 or as we always said 3.14? So what could be better than a whole day dedicated to Pi and enjoying a piece of pie? Everyone should enjoy Pi (e) Day festivities. Which pie would you choose for Pi Day? The pi-sibilities are endless!

Go ahead and bake a pie with your friends, classmates, or family to celebrate the wonders of Pi (e). You can even decorate the pie with pi designs. This would be a great time to do some extra math problems or help a friend who may be having some difficulties. Fractions can be fun when you are slicing a pie and deciding how many pieces you need so everyone gets a piece of equal size.

So bake that favorite pie on March 14 and dig in to numbers and a delicious piece of pie. This is also the perfect time to learn some of life’s lessons about getting along with others, friendship, hard work, and cooperation. The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy is exactly what you need to teach those characteristics which we all need throughout our life.

These beautifully illustrated fairy tales are a collection of chapter books which will be sure to give you and your children many fruitful returns for many years. As these books of life lessons are enriching the mind and character of children and youth alike, the waistline can realize a little bit of growth too with that favorite piece of pie.

Have another piece of Pi (e) and enjoy all of the activities which are possible to make this day memorable.

March is Read an e-Book Month

March is Read an e-Book Month - Kingdom TalesIt had to happen! As our world becomes even more closely tied to technology, someone had to come up with a high tech day! And, of course, they did! In 2013 someone (Rita Towers, actually!) came up with what we are now in the midst of: Read an E-Book Month!

The key, of course, is what book are you going to read? Not knowing what your particular tastes are, I can’t help you with this decision but I can suggest something for your children and grandchildren: The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy. Considered by many as a fairy tales collection, it is actually much more. Dedicated to teaching important life lessons regarding such issues as truth, loyalty, and even the importance of a positive self-image, this is a set of fairy tales and stories that will not only be enjoyed, but also long remembered!

Incredible Kid Day and The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy

Incredible Kid Day and The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy - Kingdom TalesIf you are like me, you know a lot of incredible kids! In fact, I have eleven of them who call me Grandpa! If you want to celebrate Incredible Kid Day by blessing your incredible kids with a gift, you might very well want to consider The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

While considered fairy tales by many, the works are actually more than fairy tales collections. You see, each of the books in the Trilogy takes the time to elaborate on many life issues that the youth of today deal with. While they do look like just fairy tales and stories, in reality they tend to serve as a Baedeker for life, helping to teach the value of truth, courage, and even a positive self -image. The best thing about The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy? They will make an incredible kid even more incredible!


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