What Do You Find Enchanting in The Enchanted City?

Tales of the Kingdom: The Enchanted City - What Do You Find Enchanting?When David and Karen Mains set out to write the Kingdom Trilogy of inspirational stories for kids they wanted to create a vehicle for presenting God lessons for kids.  And, in Tales of the Kingdom, they did just that.  As you read Chapter 1, The Enchanted City, you see a society that very much resembles our own.  One where the “Enchanter” has blinded the people to the truth and through proclamation has taught that there is no king!

As we bring that to 21st Century America we find that the Enchanter is alive and well!  We have a situation where mankind is blinded to the truth about the King, and all because of the works of the Enchanter! The question becomes, what enchants you?

If you are old enough to remember the 1949 Rogers and Hammerstein hit musical, South Pacific, you probably are familiar with the tune, Some Enchanted Evening.  As the song’s first two lines tell us:

“Some Enchanted Evening 
You may see a stranger.”

Then, as now, one of the things that most of us find enchanting is love.  And, unfortunately, we often “risk it all” to find that love.  Unfortunately, this has resulted in many of us being lead down the garden path, and instead of true love we find pain and devastation.

In as much as the definition of “enchanting” is “Delightfully charming or attractive,” we find that there are a host of things that we can find enchanting and that will keep us from the King.  This ranges from fame and fortune to financial success; from popularity to promiscuity; from self-promotion to over-indulgence.

For the most part, today all of America is “An Enchanted City.”  Unfortunately, the “Enchantment” we have discussed is a guise that prevents us from seeing the awful, horrible truth.  Don’t let the enchantments of this world prevent you from knowing, and seeking, the true King!


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