A Great Gift Idea For Supreme Sacrifice Day

A Great Gift Idea For Supreme Sacrifice Day - Kingdom TalesIt is surprising how many holidays there are that many of us have never heard of. Take, for example, Supreme Sacrifice Day. For many of us in the sixty-plus bracket, especially those on a fixed income, that sacrifice may very well be a financial one. And, if you are going to make a financial sacrifice, it is best that it is made for something worthwhile. That thought in mind, if you want to participate in Supreme Sacrifice Day by giving your grandchildren a gift, you might want to consider the Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

More than just a fairy tales collection, the Trilogy was crafted with the idea that not only would they entertain the reader, but also help them as they face such life issues as loyalty, integrity, hard work and even the value of a positive self image. If you, or the ones you will be sacrificing for, like their fairy tales illustrated, the Trilogy will not let you down, either. With illustrations by artists from around the world, they are a set of fairy tales and stories that will be both enjoyed and long remembered!

A Rose is a Rose… But Pi isn’t exactly Pie!

A Rose is a Rose... But Pi isn't exactly Pie! - Kingdom TalesRemember the old Hillbilly joke:

Teacher: Johnny, why did you rewrite this math question?

Johnny: Because it said, “Pi are square” and I know that’s wrong. See, teacher, pie are round, johnnycake are square!

Well, whether you see the humor in that or not, March 14th (3.14) has become known as National Pi day! And, if you like to honor National Holidays with gifts, you may want to consider giving the fairy tales collection known as the Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy!

While you may not be able to learn a whole lot of geometry, or any other math for that matter, from the Trilogy, there are a host of life lessons therein that will benefit all who read them. From the importance of honesty, loyalty, and integrity to the value of a good self-image, this trilogy is far more than just fairy tales for children. Rather, it is a Baedeker for life that can be beneficial to children and adults alike. Aesthetically pleasing, as the trilogy is has a series of fairy tales illustrated to enhance the interest factor where the reading is concerned, you will find this pi gift has no calories and allows your mind to grow rather than your waistline!


How Do You Show Your Appreciation?

How Do You Show Your Appreciation - Kingdom TalesIf you do something nice for your employees they will thank you. But, if you do something nice for your employees that will benefit their children they will not only thank you, but never forget you! And, with Employee Appreciation Day coming up on March 6th you have an excellent opportunity to ensure that your employees will never forget you!

While flowers eventually wilt away and a luncheon is converted to calories and eventually be burnt off, if you want to invest in something that will be passed down as part of  posterity this year buy your employees a complete set of The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy! Perhaps the greatest fairy tales collection since Mother Goose, this trilogy helps young people understand the importance of honesty, loyalty, and a host of other important life issues. The fairy tales and stories therein can literally be life changing, and the fact that they are illustrated fairy tales will make them enjoyable as well as valuable. So don’t hesitate, order a set of The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy for each of your employees today!

A Solution to “I Want to make you Happy Day”

A Solution to "I Want to make you Happy Day" - Kingdom TalesWhen you think about it, there are so many people that you can make that statement to.  Some of the most important, of course, are our children and grandchildren.  And, there is nothing that will make children happier, perhaps, than a new fairy tales collection.  With that thought in mind, know that The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy is the best modern day fairy tales around!

Written with the thought of both entertainment and enlightenment in mind, the Trilogy is a wonderful way to help children learn the value of the important lessons in life – honesty, loyalty, and faithfulness.  As well as these issues, the Trilogy is a valuable asset for helping the youth of today to build positive self-esteem.  And, if you like your fairy tales illustrated you can be assured that you will not be disappointed with the Trilogy, either.

As you prepare to celebrate I Want You to Be Happy Day this year, keep The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy in mind.  If you do, you might find that you will be making people happy every day, and not just March 3rd!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Kingdom Tales“What makes you happy?” Happiness can range from pleasant emotions of contentment to intense periods of ecstatic joy. It takes a lot of creativity and sincere sensitivity to make a person happy. There is a special day dedicated to reaching out to friends, family, and loved ones to make them happy. The National I Want You to be Happy Day was created to be observed by doing anything that can make another person feel special. Although extensive research does not disclose its origin and history the National I Want You to be Happy Day is always celebrated on March 3 every year.

A song written and recorded in 1988 by artist Bobby McFerrin tells us, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” Although that is wonderful advice, there are countless people who still worry and are not happy. That’s the reason the I Want You to be Happy Day is so important. On that day there are numerous ways you can share your happiness with someone who may be having a tough time finding any pleasures in life.

You can make a phone call to a family member that you haven’t talked to for a long time, send a card to someone who is sick or just needs encouragement, visit an older friend who may not have any family in the same town, or compliment the person who never seems to be noticed by others. This is the day to forget about self and put others’ needs before yours.

It is also a day which can be used for quality family time. Let this day or at least part of it be for just you and your family to be together and share some of your happiest moments. This will be a great teaching time for you to use enhance those life lessons which your children need throughout their lives. One such resource is the Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy. These beautifully illustrated children’s chapter books are fairy tales which teach a lesson in each chapter. Obedience, love, forgiveness, acceptance, and true friendship are a few of those important characteristics which are taught so vividly through reading The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

You can share your happiness with those you love by investing in their future through giving them the gift that keeps on giving, the opportunity to learn those valuable life lessons which are used each day in our relationships with others. Now you “Don’t Have to Worry, Be Happy!”


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