Can Your Take Care of Yourself?

Chapter 7: The Forbidden Princess – Can Your Take Care of Yourself?We definitely have become a society of self-reliance.  I mean, there are “self-help” sections even in Christian bookstores!  This is also exemplified by the bumper stickers I recently saw.  The first said, “God is my co-pilot” and the other said, “You need to change seats!!!!”  And, that is the reality of life – – we need to be reliant on God, not ourselves.

When writing team Pastor David Mains and his wife, Karen Burton Mains, wrote The Kingdom Trilogy their goal was to create Christian stories for kids.  In the second book of the series, Tales of  the Resistance, in Chapter Seven, The Forbidden Princess, we find Amanda, one of the key characters, responding to an admonishing by softly replying, “I can take care of myself.”  Like so many Christians today, however, she was wrong!  For while so much of society tends to look down on anyone who can’t handle life’s pressures and challenges on their own, scripture tells us that we very much need to be grafted into the Lord!

John 15:5 pretty much sums it all up for us:  “I am the vine, ye are the branches; he who abides in Me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit:  for without Me you can do nothing.”  When the Mains wrote these Bible stories for children they may never have realized the impact that it could, and would!, have on adults as well!


Mudslinging – Chapter 5


Mudslinging!” The report came crackling over Central Radio Dispatch at MERCY ST. TAXI CORPS. “Mudslinging! Play Plaza No. 5.”

Hero, Little Child, and Amanda were touring the taxi headquarters. Since New Day Rising and the ousting of the Enchanter, there was no need for an underground resistance. Now the taxi company was involved in rescue operations that could be carried out in broad daylight. The efficient restored garage was a command center for the Restoration.

The report came crackling again. “Mudslinging! Play Plaza No. 5. Mudslinging! Play Plaza No. 9.”

Hero groaned and hurried to the strategy planning map that was mounted high and filled one whole wall. Climbing the platform, he located the two trouble spots. In frustration, he slapped his hand against the map. “Chaos,” he mumbled. “Always happens after Power-Outs. ” He motioned to Amanda and Little Child to join him on the scaffolding.

The Chief Cabby hastened to the map wall and looked up, “Pendrant three and penclrant four. Whaddaya expect?”

“These were the pendrants that were energy futile in the Power-Out,” Hero explained.

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The Chief pulled an alarm bar, sounding a loud signal: Trouble! To the streets! Trouble! To the streets!

Hero stepped down from the platform and grasped his brother’s shoulder. “This is one of the reasons Power—Outs are dangerous to the city, L.C. When the energy fails, some people act as though the Enchanter still ruled.

Tales of the Restoration chapter illustrations

The Burning Place – Chapter 12

The Burning Place

The Enchanter’s time has come, the time for which he has so long waited. The power to end the influence of his hated challenger has fallen into his hand, the time when he will send his rival into final exile, into death itself.

“To the Burning Place!” shouts the Enchanter.

His cry pierces the night, and heralds quickly echo the intense of doom. “Death!” they shout, “Death! Death!” at the drums beat in awful agreement, Oo-mb-pha….oo-mb-pha…oo-mb-pha-din. And the people standing in Traffic Court watch the proceedings and chant:

“Burn him! burn him!
There is no such thing as a King!
Death to Pretenders!
The flames! The flames!”

Then the Burners close round the man. Their eyes beneath their dark hoods glow like gruesome embers set in coal; their pokers flash, red hot, now prodding, now poking, thrusting, wounding,searing brands without mercy.

“Dear/9! Death!” cries the Chief Herald.
“Burn! Burn” jeer the people.
“To the Burning Place!” screams the Enchanter again……

Tales of the Resistance chapter illustrations

Traffic Court – Chapter 11

Traffic Court

The traffic court was in the very middle of the hold of the Dagoda. Here the people of the city were tried for minor and major traffic offenses – crossing streets at night during a power out, impeding the progress of the Enchanter’s limousines, failing to yield to emergency vehicles, walking instead of riding when the man-made power was working. But the charge made no difference in this courtroom of the Enchanter. No one was ever declared innocent.

Amanda stood trembling in a darkened corner of Traffic Court. She couldn’t help herself; she had never felt the tremendous power of evil so forcefully. She had to labor to catch a breath, as though in this stronghold of the fire wizard, air smothered her lungs. The evil power made her shoulders ache; it pressed against the backs of her eyes, pushed hard against her stomach. She needed all the strength she could muster to withstand its insistent oppression.

The King had been captured the night before, after the leading the sad and the sorrowful Great Celebration. He had been charged with a felony, organizing the taxi resistance; with high treason in proclaiming another kingdom; with heinous insurrection – pretending to be the King! All charges bore the penalty of death by burning a Burning Place.

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The Enchanter’s Revenge – Chapter 10

The Enchanter's Revenge

The fiery rage of the Enchanter flamed. Revenge for the orphan fell wrathfully on the City Taxi Company, and after Burners and Breakers had conducted a brutal demolition raid on the terminal, the evil eye of the Enchanter hunted for one victim more.

The warning bell in the underground garage was still clamoring. Barely moments had passed since the merciless attack had come and gone. Cabbies and mechanics stumbled to their feet, shaken by the brutal hostilities of the cudgels and burning pokers of the raiding secret police. Torn from the wall, the map of Enchanted City burned on the floor. The control panel had been ruthlessly smashed as well as the glassed-in operations office. Fires blazed in overturned buckets of greasy rags and licked their hungry tongues toward nearby oil and grease slicks.

Hero climbed through a ragged hole in the overhead door, which now hung askew, and entered the garage. He had gone to the garbage dump to see if there was any sight of a returning king. Acrid smoke from the oil fires choked him,…[Click LISTEN to hear The Enchanter’s Revenge.]

Tales of the Resistance chapter illustrations


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