Never out of the Company of the King

Chapter 7: Peril at Burning Place – Never out of the Company of the KingYou know, Roy Orbison summed up the thoughts of millions when he sang,

Only the lonely….
Know the way I feel tonight….
Only the lonely….
Know this feeling ain’t right…

Unfortunately, multitudes of people are going through life experiencing one of the most devastating of all emotions:  Loneliness.  And, the saddest part is they don’t need to – for as Pastor David and Karen Burton Mains tell us in Chapter 7 of Tales of the Restoration, the final installment in their Kingdom Trilogy, we are never out of the company of the King!!!

When they penned what has become these classic children books they also created Christian stories that everyone, regardless of their age, can benefit from.  In Chapter 7, Peril at Burning Place, it is reiterated again that with Christ “we never walk alone.”  This is, and should be, comforting to all those who feel that they are, in fact, alone.  As Paul so often did in the book of Acts, we must constantly “reference the culture” we are in to minister to those in need of Salvation and the comfort that it brings.  Therefore, we often must leave our “comfort zone” and seek out those who are lonely, to introduce them to Him who sticks closer than a brother!

The Great Celebration – Chapter 12

The Great Celebration

Oh, happy, happy,” glowed the comet Demereaux, her tail scattering asteroid dust as she sped along the ellipse of her orbit. The King had appointed her his messenger to carry the news of the Great Celebration, and Demereaux loved to be the bearer of good news. “To the Field of Stars,” she called. “A marriage of Great Celebration is near.”

Here in space, as well as in many other places, the King had much to do, but here his majesty blazed forth, here there were no disguises. His feet spanned a galaxy, a corona of light spangled his forehead, and starshine, like brilliants, dazzled in his eyes. He spun new moons and flung them forth. He cast fresh stars into the nighttime eons. When things were disappointing down below, solace was here in these acts of creation, and once spun into being, these created things stayed ordered. Here the Emperor of All, his Father, was close, and they wandered through the worlds together and talked of the wonder of the ways of heaven and of earth.

And now the wedding of his beloved friends was near. Another wobbling tilt of the world, and the Great Celebration would be at hand. All the celestial beings loved to bend near when happy ceremonies took place below. ln readiness, wispy arches of the Milky Way had already draped themselves in the skies beyond the Field of Stars, and the twinkling hosts waited for the word that would gather them close.

“Time! Time!”

The King smiled as he heard Demereaux call out the good news. Here in celestial space there was no time, but always the endless stretching solitude of being,  Nevertheless, the heavenlies delighted in spying on earthtime.

Tales of the Restoration chapter illustrations

The Song Studio – Chapter 11

The Song Studio

There was a Song Fest this afternoon, and they were getting ready outside the Song Studio, Hero waited anxiously for Thespia. Inside he could hear the singers practicing their warming—up scales. There was a Song Fest this afternoon, and they were making ready.

Why had the King sent the two of them on this particular assignment? Usually Hero saw Thespia only at the Drama Center or when her troupe was performing Street Theatre. She was a beautiful and talented Player, and although he admired her obvious gifts on stage, he had doubts as to her abilities on special assignment. She wasn’t a Ranger Fighter. She wasn’t a seasoned warrior. Sometimes special assignments were risky, and he wanted to know that his partner was skilled at coping with danger.

“Hello,” said a voice at his elbow. It was Thespia, and he was struck again with her beauty. Good for the stage, good for street theatre, but what good would it do if things turned ugly? He hoped the King knew what he was doing.

“Well, hello to you. There’s a Song Fest this afternoon,” he said, explaining the noises from inside.

“Oh, good,” she replied as they entered the door together. “I love Song Fests.”

The two took seats in the middle of the Song Studio meeting room, where many were gathering to take part in the festival. Musicians were practicing their instruments. Cellos leaned against supports, violins rested on felt cloths, music stands were scattered here and there. A dais stood in the center of the room, where the performing musician would sing or play……

Tales of the Restoration chapter illustrations

Taxi! – Chapter 10


“Taxi!” Amanda waved from the curbside, and the yellow cab with the checkerboard trim in which Little Child was training pulled to the curb. “Hey, L.C.,” Amanda called as she climbed into the back seat. “How’s your taxi-lore coming?” She pulled the door shut. “Where to, Bub?” said the cabby. “Watchgate Entrance by the Garbage Dump.”

Little Child turned. “Are you going to Great Park?”

“Yep. I’m out of here, and going home. Home to everything I miss. Going back to where the Kingdom really works.”

Little Child knew that Amanda had never grown to love the City, no matter how many times she made Crossing. Great Park was her heart’s true home, and though he was glad she could return to the place she loved, he would miss her happy spirit, her true insight, and her pluck and courage. “I will miss you,” he said aloud from the front seat. “Oh, Amanda, by the way. I-I don’t feel so much like Little Child any longer. What do you think about a new name? What do you think about Hunter?”

Amanda smiled, leaned forward, punched his shoulder, and replied, “What a great name! Hunter. It’s you.”

Since hunting for lost children in Moire Oxan, conviction had grown more and more that being a hunter was what he wanted to do-was happie doing. But he and Hero had both agreed that he couldn’t do that job well until he knew every nook and cranny of the City. And what better way to learn the City than to become a MERCY ST. TAXI CORPS trainee?

Tales of the Restoration chapter illustrations

Prima the Ballerina – Chapter 9

Prima the Ballerina

Prima the ballerina, worked so hard at dancing she even danced in her sleep. In the middle of the night strange poundings coming from her bedroom would waken her family. Ffump … ffump.

“She’s doing it again,” her sleepy mother would say to her father and poke him with her elbow.

“Will somebody stop that crazy girl?” moaned her older brother groggily from across the hall.

“Hrrumph,” her father growled as he crawled out of bed. Putting on his robe, he complained tohis wife, “You’re the one who named her Prima, who filled her head with all this nonsense about being the best.”

Sure enough, when he opened the door to Prima’s bedroom, there she would be, dressed in her warm pajamas, poised on her bed with the springs squeaking and creaking, exercising her classical ballet steps: Plié. Tendu. Frappé. Echappé. All the time she was facing her bedroom mirror even though she was sound asleep. Ffump … ffump … ffump.

Prima’s goal was to be the best ballerina in the City. She wanted to soar in higher jettés than any other dancer. She wanted to turn ’round and ’round in amazing fouettés. She wanted to look more beautiful than all the others, to stun audiences with her grace. She wanted the spotlight. She wanted standing ovations. She wanted piles of flowers from admirers.

She practiced hours every day, and only left the Dance Studio when the Dancing Master turned off the lights and locked the doors. She ignored her strained muscles and the bleeding blisters on her feet.

Actually, Prima was not happy with the Dance Studio Company…

Tales of the Restoration chapter illustrations


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