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Where is Your Safe Place?

Chapter 3: Safe Places - Where is Your Safe Place?There’s not a single “Secret Agent Man (or Woman!)” on TV, or in the movies, who doesn’t have at least one “safe house.” This is where they go to rest up, heal up, or just plain hide.  In Pastor David Mains’ Tales of the Restoration, the third installment in his Kingdom Trilogy, we find him talking about Safe Places in the third chapter.  He describes them as, “shelters of protection where apprentices could practice with Master Teachers and become valuable workers in the Restoration.”

Though this particular Trilogy was written as God Lessons for Kids, this is a good lesson for us all.  As we make our daily walk through the highways and byways of life, we need to find some Safe Places – places where we can learn from Master Teachers – – learn to be more valuable workers in the Army of God.

These Safe Places might be in the sanctuary at a church, or in a Bible School classroom there.  They might be online Bible Studies in your own home, or maybe a Bible Study in a friend’s home.  They might be at a shelter for the homeless, or a food kitchen that feeds them.  You see, a Safe Place is anywhere there are other Christians who can help teach us how to be more Christ-like, and further our skills as a soldier in the Army of God!!!

Be Sure to Stay on the Path

Chapter 2: Crossing Alone – Be Sure to Stay on the PathIf you remember the lyrics of the third chorus to the Kingston Trio’s The Reverend Mr. Black, you know that there are times when it may appear that we are completely on our own.  Those words are as true now as they ever were, and are just as impactful:

You gotta walk that Lonesome Valley
You gotta walk it by yourself
Oh, nobody else
Can walk it for you
You gotta walk it by yourself!

I don’t know if David Mains, when he penned his final installment of the Kingdom Trilogy, Tales of the Restoration, had that those lyrics in mind or not, but in chapter two, Crossing Alone, he has his “character da jour,” Little Child, having to proceed on a somewhat precarious journey by himself.  To make the journey, he is provided with a list of rules, the first of which is “Never leave the Path.”  And that is a good lesson for us all!

While it is important that we stay on the path, it is equally important that we choose the right path!  That path, of course, is the one that leads to righteousness.  For, as the word says, “Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat.” (Matthew 7:13 KJV).  As we journey on that path to righteousness, accompanied by the King, we can take solace in the fact that as long as we stay on the path, we will eventually arrive at our destination, safe and sound!

Crossing Alone – Chapter 2

Crossing Alone

A boy, no longer a child but not yet a man, his narrow shoulders hunched against the night air, waited at the edge of the Garbage Dump for dawn. Little Child’s time had come to risk Crossing alone, and he was cold. He flexed his fingers. He jogged in place. He tried to ignore the fear in his stomach.

Where was the Princess Amanda? wondered Little Child. Why was she taking so long? And how did she get the courage to make Crossing so often, to go back and forth from Great Park to Bright City?

The Garbage Dump was a dangerous place. Though the Enchanted City had been freed by the King from the curse of nightlife, and though the people now lived daylives and called their home Bright City, here in the awful place of ashes and rotting refuse the Naysayers, the Burners, and Breakers still hunted. Here they ambushed crossers who bravely worked for the Restoration. At Day’s End, shadows began to creep out of hidey-holes and from behind garbage mounds to breach the city walls and the protection of the Ranger Surround. To make havoc, these dark ones had to work quickly and with deceits, because in day their powers waned. So they cursed each dawn’swake and exulted when sunsleep dimmed the skies.

Br-r-r~r. Little Child blew on his fingers. He hurnmed a tune from Great Celebration to bolster himself against fear. He checked his survival kit. Nose mask to protect against poison air. Silver—handled hatchet for battle. Bread and water for one day’s journey.

Oh, he wished he could be like his older brother. If only——if only he could have fought beside Hero in the War of Great Park or with the……

Tales of the Restoration chapter illustrations


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