April 16th: Love a Tree Day

April 16th: Love a Tree Day - Kingdom TalesDo you remember the Chipko Movement of the mid 70’s?  It was when 28 women in the village of Latta in the Himalayans in India encircled the trees that loggers hired by the Indian government had been hired to cut down. They stood their ground in the midst of threats of violence, and the term “tree hugger” was added to our vocabulary (in Hindi, chipko literally means “to hug”).

Maybe that is where the whole idea of Love a Tree, as celebrated on April 16th, came from. Interestingly enough, The Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy helps to honor this particular special day in a couple of ways.  

First of all, the forest is an important part of a number of stories in the Trilogy. As a form of Fairy Tales and stories, the Trilogy shares the importance of all of creation to our way of life. Further, and perhaps more importantly, these Fairy Tales books for kids can be purchased in an e-book format, thus allowing us to love trees every day! If you, and those you love, enjoy your Fairy Tales illustrated, you will not be disappointed by the e-book version of the Trilogy either, as the pictures that enhance the stories have been created by artists from around the world. Don’t hesitate, not even a minute, but rather purchase your e-book copies of the Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy before April 16th, showing that you truly do love a tree!

Incredible Kid Day and The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy

Incredible Kid Day and The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy - Kingdom TalesIf you are like me, you know a lot of incredible kids! In fact, I have eleven of them who call me Grandpa! If you want to celebrate Incredible Kid Day by blessing your incredible kids with a gift, you might very well want to consider The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

While considered fairy tales by many, the works are actually more than fairy tales collections. You see, each of the books in the Trilogy takes the time to elaborate on many life issues that the youth of today deal with. While they do look like just fairy tales and stories, in reality they tend to serve as a Baedeker for life, helping to teach the value of truth, courage, and even a positive self -image. The best thing about The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy? They will make an incredible kid even more incredible!

Making Valentine’s Day Like A Fairy Tale

Making Valentine’s Day Like A Fairy Tale - Kingdom TalesKids of all ages like Fairy Tales, probably because of the fact that everyone always lives “Happily ever After.”  That’s why when you are choosing a Special Gift” for such a “Special Day” as Valentine’s you may want to consider giving an actual Fairy Tales Collection!

Not just any set of Fairy Tales and Stories, of course, but, rather, The Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy.  Written with more than just “entertainment” in mind, The Trilogy is crafted with training the reader in “Life Lessons” in mind, from the concept of Love to Kindness to Loyalty and Honesty.  And, if you like your Fairy Tales Illustrated, The Trilogy will not disappoint you in that realm, either!

So, as you rush to get that “Special Gift” for your “Special Someone,” you will want to check out The Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy!!!!!

A Valentine’s Gift That Teaches Love

A Valentine's Gift That Teaches LoveRoses and candy are all well and good, but at a time when we are hoping to express our love perhaps something a little more substantial and long lasting is more in order.  And, since we all want love to end like it does in fairy tales – – with everyone living “happily ever after,” maybe one of the best gifts we can give is a fairy tales collection that actually teaches what love is really all about!

If that is the kind of gift you would like to give to someone you love this year, then The Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy is something you are going to want to consider.  Unlike most fairy tales and stories, the Trilogy was not written with just entertainment in mind.  Rather, though they are fairy tales illustrated with beautiful artwork, their real strength are the life lessons they teach, especially regarding love.

As you prepare to do your last-minute Valentine’s Day shopping, you will want to check out The Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy for a gift that will be around long after flowers have wilted, and that will not be adding undo calories to the ones you love!

You Are Who You Think You Are

You Are Who You Think You AreThe problem our society faces regarding “Self Image” can, perhaps, be reflected by the following statistics:

In 2012, the Annual Revenue for the Weight Loss Industry (Diet Books; Diet drugs; and Weight Loss Surgeries) was $20 Billion!
In 2013 over $12 Billion was spent on Plastic Surgery!

In regard to the Plastic Surgery, it’s not just people who the vast majority of us might consider to be unattractive that invest in such procedures.  Recently, Renee Zellweger, a lady who was already a movie star, had surgery that so altered her appearance that people could scarcely believe it was actually her when she showed up at a gala event in Hollywood on October 20, 2014.  One of the most difficult things we can do, it seems, is to accept ourselves the way we are!

Concern about one’s Self-Image is, of course, a serious situation.  Many people fall short of enjoying the most they can get out of life simply because of a poor Self-Image.  And, people of prominence know the importance of a positive Self-Image as well, as the quotes below reflect:

A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.”  Joyce Brothers
Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment.”  Maxwell Maltz

As adults, we know that it is vitally imperative that the youth of today be encouraged so that they can, in fact, develop a positive Self-Image.  But, many believe that only in Fairy Tales can a frog or a beast turn into a handsome prince!  No Fairy Tales Collection, however, can help with the building of a positive SelfImage more than The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.  More than just Fairy Tales and Stories, the Trilogy deals with life’s real issues – – issues like how we all can obtain a positive Self-Image!

If you would like to discover some exciting options as to how you can acquire copies of The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy, click here.  Knowing that you have invested in the future of your children and/or grandchildren will go a long ways in helping to improve your Self-Image!

Remember, You are who you think you are!


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