April 16th: Love a Tree Day

April 16th: Love a Tree Day - Kingdom TalesDo you remember the Chipko Movement of the mid 70’s?  It was when 28 women in the village of Latta in the Himalayans in India encircled the trees that loggers hired by the Indian government had been hired to cut down. They stood their ground in the midst of threats of violence, and the term “tree hugger” was added to our vocabulary (in Hindi, chipko literally means “to hug”).

Maybe that is where the whole idea of Love a Tree, as celebrated on April 16th, came from. Interestingly enough, The Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy helps to honor this particular special day in a couple of ways.  

First of all, the forest is an important part of a number of stories in the Trilogy. As a form of Fairy Tales and stories, the Trilogy shares the importance of all of creation to our way of life. Further, and perhaps more importantly, these Fairy Tales books for kids can be purchased in an e-book format, thus allowing us to love trees every day! If you, and those you love, enjoy your Fairy Tales illustrated, you will not be disappointed by the e-book version of the Trilogy either, as the pictures that enhance the stories have been created by artists from around the world. Don’t hesitate, not even a minute, but rather purchase your e-book copies of the Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy before April 16th, showing that you truly do love a tree!

Courage: Learned or Innate?

Courage: Learned or Innate?If you are a classic movie buff you may have a working knowledge of the plot of the 1937 film, CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS.  The basic storyline tells of a spoiled “brat” who falls off an ocean liner and is rescued by a fishing boat heading out for the season.  Though unwilling to take him home, they allow him to stay on board and work the season with them.  During the course of the fishing season lives are changed, all for the better!, because of the courage they show!

There are a couple of quotes that, I believe, sum up what courage is pretty well:

Courage is being scared to death…and saddling up anyway.”  John Wayne
Courage is grace under pressure.”  Ernest Hemingway

Perhaps one of the best places to find unsuspected Courage is in a Fairy Tales Collection and really good Fairy Tales not only entertain us, but also teach us about important life issues like Courage.  One of the better Fairy Tales Collection around that deals with issues such as Courage is The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.  If you are a parent or grandparent that wants to share the importance of Courage with the children they love, you will be happy to know that there are several appealing options that will allow you to purchase The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.  To learn how you can acquire some of the best Fairy Tales Books for Kids available, click here.  I can assure you, you will be glad that you had the Courage to do so!

Why Do People Find It So Hard To Forgive?

Why Do People Find It So Hard To Forgive?There is a little secret that you may need to be made privy to before you can discover the answer to the above question:  The main reason people say they can’t Forgive is because the are angry;  in reality, the reason they can’t Forgive is because they are HURT!  By taking a “posture” of anger, however, we feel that we are proceeding from a position of strength, where if we take a “posture” of being hurt, it appears, at least to us, that we are taking a position of weakness!

Once you reach the age of forty and continue to live beyond that point, you realize that life is too short not to Forgive.  We all have heard stories of family members who have allowed their hurt to prevent them from Forgiving and, as a result, they have spent a lifetime estranged from the very ones they should be the closest to.  Wisdom tells us we should Forgive, as quotes from these three very wise people show:

“The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.”    Mahatma Gandhi
Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.”      Indira Gandhi
To err is human; to forgive, divine.”      Alexander Pope


The ideal situation, of course, would be to teach the importance of Forgiveness to people while they are young – – children, in fact.  As parents and grandparents we do all that we can in this realm, but sometimes we need help.  There are others, of course, who also know that Forgiveness is possible, and not just in Fairy Tales.  

However, Fairy Tales Books for Kids may be an excellent way to teach the concept of Forgiveness.  And, if you like your Fairy Tales Illustrated, then Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy may be just the ticket for you!  Not only do they address Forgiveness, but a host of other life issues and characteristics as well!  

If you want to work with your children/grandchildren by utilizing the Trilogy, you currently can take advantage of several special offers!  Click here to see which option you are going to choose.  If you don’t, you may be seeking Forgiveness for your lack of action!


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