April 16th: Love a Tree Day

April 16th: Love a Tree Day - Kingdom TalesDo you remember the Chipko Movement of the mid 70’s?  It was when 28 women in the village of Latta in the Himalayans in India encircled the trees that loggers hired by the Indian government had been hired to cut down. They stood their ground in the midst of threats of violence, and the term “tree hugger” was added to our vocabulary (in Hindi, chipko literally means “to hug”).

Maybe that is where the whole idea of Love a Tree, as celebrated on April 16th, came from. Interestingly enough, The Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy helps to honor this particular special day in a couple of ways.  

First of all, the forest is an important part of a number of stories in the Trilogy. As a form of Fairy Tales and stories, the Trilogy shares the importance of all of creation to our way of life. Further, and perhaps more importantly, these Fairy Tales books for kids can be purchased in an e-book format, thus allowing us to love trees every day! If you, and those you love, enjoy your Fairy Tales illustrated, you will not be disappointed by the e-book version of the Trilogy either, as the pictures that enhance the stories have been created by artists from around the world. Don’t hesitate, not even a minute, but rather purchase your e-book copies of the Tales of The Kingdom Trilogy before April 16th, showing that you truly do love a tree!

Children’s Book Day

Children’s Book Day - Kingdom TalesAs I look back over my life as a child (and I have to look back a long way!), I often think of the favorite books in my life. There was Herb Kent: West Point Cadet; Tom Swift and the Blue Devil of the Amazon and Random Harvest. If I were going to celebrate Children’s Book Day by purchasing books, however, I think my first choice would be The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy!

Created as a Fairy Tales Collection, this Trilogy is far more than just that. Elaborating on the importance of such things as being honest, loyal, trustworthy and even a good friend, the Trilogy tends to be something that is not only good reading, but to also be the springboard for a number of good discussions as well. Illustrated by artists from around the world, this more than fits the bill for those who like to have their Fairy Tales illustrated!

National Library Week

National Library Week - Kingdom TalesThere is an eventuality lurking out there, hiding amongst the Cloud and the Internet, threatening to attack us when we least expect it. “What is that eventuality?” you may ask. Well, it is the sad thought that some day there will be no books and no libraries – – just GOOGLE Search! That’s why it is imperative that we take this opportunity to celebrate National Library Week! There are, of course, a number of ways to celebrate a national holiday – parties, parades, fire works! Perhaps the best way to celebrate National Library Week, however, is to present your favorite library with a set of The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

Crafted as a Fairy Tales Collection it is actually much, much more. While it is a book of Fairy Tales for Children of sorts, it is also a Baedeker for life – – emphasizing such issues as loyalty, honesty, and even the importance of having a positive self image. And, if you like to have your Fairy Tales illustrated you will not be disappointed, either, as the artwork in this trilogy has been created by artists from around the world!

National Make up your own Holiday

National Make up your own Holiday - Kingdom TalesWhat a wonderful idea: Make Up Your Own Holiday! We can’t take “Festivus for the rest of us,” because The Seinfeld Show has already beaten us to it! However, with the world the way it is today, what we might want to consider is day where we can concentrate on teaching out kids about such important life issues as honesty, hard work and even the importance of a positive self image. We could, perhaps, call it, Learn About Life Day, and for our textbook we might want to consider The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

Created as a modern day fairy tales collection, the Trilogy elaborates on the previous mentioned topics, as well a great deal more.  While fairy tales for children are always entertaining, as is the Trilogy, not all of them can actually be considered a Baedeker for life the way the Trilogy can be. And, if you like your fairy tales illustrated, you will by no means find the Trilogy a disappointment, as artists worldwide have contributed to the illustrations in the new version!

A Great Gift Idea For Supreme Sacrifice Day

A Great Gift Idea For Supreme Sacrifice Day - Kingdom TalesIt is surprising how many holidays there are that many of us have never heard of. Take, for example, Supreme Sacrifice Day. For many of us in the sixty-plus bracket, especially those on a fixed income, that sacrifice may very well be a financial one. And, if you are going to make a financial sacrifice, it is best that it is made for something worthwhile. That thought in mind, if you want to participate in Supreme Sacrifice Day by giving your grandchildren a gift, you might want to consider the Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

More than just a fairy tales collection, the Trilogy was crafted with the idea that not only would they entertain the reader, but also help them as they face such life issues as loyalty, integrity, hard work and even the value of a positive self image. If you, or the ones you will be sacrificing for, like their fairy tales illustrated, the Trilogy will not let you down, either. With illustrations by artists from around the world, they are a set of fairy tales and stories that will be both enjoyed and long remembered!


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