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Name Calling and Mud Throwing

Chapter 5: Mudslinging – Name Calling and Mud ThrowingOne of the best, and oldest!, battle strategies in history is the good old “divide and conquer.”  Not surprisingly, this is a strategy that the Christian’s enemy – Satan – has used most effectively down through the very eons of time.

In the third of his Kingdom Trilogy books, Tales of the Restoration, Pastor David Mains shows how this can, and is!, working in the 21st Century.  Actually written as one of his God Lessons for Kids, Pastor Mains approaches a sobering thought that we all should take to heart – Satan is dividing us in an attempt to defeat us.  And Chapter 5, Mudslings of Tales of the Restoration shows one of the ways he is doing this.

It has often been said that, “Christians are the only army that shoot their wounded.” And, the weapons they often use are name-calling and mud throwing.  It’s as though they have bought into the old adage, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me!” This is definitely NOT a Biblical principle, for the book of James tells us in 3:2, “…If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body.”

Are you allowing the enemy to divide and conquer the Army of Christ by the words you use?  Have you ever questioned anyone’s faith because of their decisions and choices?  Have you ever condemned a fellow Christian because of their actions?  Have you ever mean-mouthed anyone because they worship in a different manner than you do?  Do you call names and throw mud?

I threw a word into the air
Where it landed I know not where
Though sorry now I may be
I wish that word I had never set free!


Mudslinging – Chapter 5


Mudslinging!” The report came crackling over Central Radio Dispatch at MERCY ST. TAXI CORPS. “Mudslinging! Play Plaza No. 5.”

Hero, Little Child, and Amanda were touring the taxi headquarters. Since New Day Rising and the ousting of the Enchanter, there was no need for an underground resistance. Now the taxi company was involved in rescue operations that could be carried out in broad daylight. The efficient restored garage was a command center for the Restoration.

The report came crackling again. “Mudslinging! Play Plaza No. 5. Mudslinging! Play Plaza No. 9.”

Hero groaned and hurried to the strategy planning map that was mounted high and filled one whole wall. Climbing the platform, he located the two trouble spots. In frustration, he slapped his hand against the map. “Chaos,” he mumbled. “Always happens after Power-Outs. ” He motioned to Amanda and Little Child to join him on the scaffolding.

The Chief Cabby hastened to the map wall and looked up, “Pendrant three and penclrant four. Whaddaya expect?”

“These were the pendrants that were energy futile in the Power-Out,” Hero explained.

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The Chief pulled an alarm bar, sounding a loud signal: Trouble! To the streets! Trouble! To the streets!

Hero stepped down from the platform and grasped his brother’s shoulder. “This is one of the reasons Power—Outs are dangerous to the city, L.C. When the energy fails, some people act as though the Enchanter still ruled.

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