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Safe Places – Chapter 3

Safe Places

The children in the Song Studio were learning an old folk chant. Hero and Little Child stood against the Walls and listened to their practice.

“Ta-da-ta-da-ta-da—da—da,” they chanted, then sang the refrain together.

In the Kingdom of light. The day shines bright! Ta-da-ta-da-ta-da—da—da,

The Music Maestro called out, “Have you ever heard of a kingdom where outcasts were welcomed?”

A chorus shouted back, “N0-o-0-0-0! Ta-da»da—durn!”

Little Child noticed that, as in every group of singers, one boy’s voice cracked high above the rest.

“Have you ever heard of a kingdom where every lost child had a home?”

This time there was jostling between the children as each strove to outdo the others’ enthusiasm. TA-DUM-DUM~DUM!”

Then another refrain all together again:
In the Kingdom of light everything’s all right! Ta-da-ta-da-ta-DA—DA—DUM!

Hero motioned for Little Child to step outside. The older brother was taking the younger on a tour of Bright City. “We’ll see most of the Safe Places today,” he had explained. “In the old Enchanted City, children were always unsafe. First thing after New Day Rising, our Restoration workers……

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