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Taxi! – Chapter 10


“Taxi!” Amanda waved from the curbside, and the yellow cab with the checkerboard trim in which Little Child was training pulled to the curb. “Hey, L.C.,” Amanda called as she climbed into the back seat. “How’s your taxi-lore coming?” She pulled the door shut. “Where to, Bub?” said the cabby. “Watchgate Entrance by the Garbage Dump.”

Little Child turned. “Are you going to Great Park?”

“Yep. I’m out of here, and going home. Home to everything I miss. Going back to where the Kingdom really works.”

Little Child knew that Amanda had never grown to love the City, no matter how many times she made Crossing. Great Park was her heart’s true home, and though he was glad she could return to the place she loved, he would miss her happy spirit, her true insight, and her pluck and courage. “I will miss you,” he said aloud from the front seat. “Oh, Amanda, by the way. I-I don’t feel so much like Little Child any longer. What do you think about a new name? What do you think about Hunter?”

Amanda smiled, leaned forward, punched his shoulder, and replied, “What a great name! Hunter. It’s you.”

Since hunting for lost children in Moire Oxan, conviction had grown more and more that being a hunter was what he wanted to do-was happie doing. But he and Hero had both agreed that he couldn’t do that job well until he knew every nook and cranny of the City. And what better way to learn the City than to become a MERCY ST. TAXI CORPS trainee?

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