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The Challenger - Chapter 4 - Tales of the Resistance

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Do You Know How to Spot the King?

Chapter 4: The Challenger – Do You Know How to Spot the King?No doubt about it – – we live in a society where there are a lot of impostors when it comes to who the “real” King of Kings is.  Some would have us believe that He is only a God of Love – – one who will allow us to do anything, including immoral and perverted behavior, as long as we do it in the name of Love.  Others would tell us that He is a God of “feel good,” and that we should only concentrate on those things in our lives that do, in fact, make us feel good.  Still others would tell us that He is a god of prosperity, that we “have not because we ask not,” and that we need only to ask to receive His financial blessings.  As a result, one of our major challenges as a Christian is to ensure that we know how to spot the King!

Pastor David Mains, in the second installment of his Kingdom Trilogy, Tales of  the Resistance, deals with the importance of being able to spot the King and know who He really is.  Chapter 4, The Challenger, finds Hero much in the same boat as many of the Jews when Jesus walked the earth – – expecting the King to defeat the foe at every encounter.  Like them, Hero had to learn that it is important for the King to “wait until His time has come” to deal with the foe.  In the interim, it is important that we are not fooled by impostors, and that we know how to spot the King in our daily lives!

The Challenger – Chapter 4

The Challenger

Big Operator gave the lad with the scar an unlikely assignment: Keeper of the Chronicle of Sightings of the King. The chief of the Taxi Resistance knew that those who look harder for what they seek often find more than they expect.

On-street sightings!” shouted Hero. “But——but I’m terrible at Sightings! I could hardly find the King in disguise in Great Park! How am I going to find him here in Enchanted City?” Big Operator sat behind his desk in the glassed-in office of the City Taxi Company garage. “You can’t stay here,” he said. “Raids make your presence dangerous to us all. On the street you can be mobile, and the taxi brigade can keep you out of danger.

“But what about my scar? All of the Enchanter’s men have a description of me by now. You yourself said there was a manhunt.”

Big Operator was not to be moved. “I need an operator with street savvy and Ranger training. It’s imperative that someone keep records of the King’s Sightings……

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