The Enchanted City – Chapter 1

Once upon a time, not long ago and not far away, there was a boy, no longer a child and not yet a man, who lived in the Enchanted City. . . .

The boy, Scarboy, and his younger brother, Little Child, were not like the other children in the city. Yesterday, their mother had died, and they had immediately been taken into custody by the Enchanter’s men. Rumor said that the Enchanter kept orphans to stoke the huge fires that burned deep in the hold of Dagoda, the temple where the Enchanter lived and ruled.

A Burner, one of the secret police who carried out the Enchanter’s bidding, had brought the boys to the Burning Place, a vast square of ashes. There they would watch the funeral ceremonies for their mother, whose body rested on an ornate bier in the middle of the field.

The thought of his mother choked the older boy. She had been so beautiful, as beautiful as the daughter of a king.

“There is a King,” his mother had always insisted. “A real King.” She believed the ancient

tales even though signs were posted all over Enchanted City.


But his mother had become ill, as so many did in the foul air of Enchanted City. In the last days before she died, she slipped in and out of the fever— often telling Scarboy the ancient tales from her childhood.

“Once a great King ruled our city,” she had said. “All the people thought him beautiful and served him willingly. But the Enchanter came and deceived the people and put a spell on the city. The King was exiled. Those who would find him must hunt for him in the place where trees grow.”’

Oo-mb-pha . . . Oo-mb-pha . . . Oo-mb-pha-din—the death drums interrupted the boy’s memories. Now he heard the ceremonial bells sewed to the hem of the Fire Priests’ robes. He heard the mourners’ chants…


Positive Self Concept = Embracing Our Scars

Positive Self Concept Embracing Our ScarsSome scars are uglier than others. Regardless of their size and shape, no one likes to have scars. A scar may be seen by the human eye or it may be a blemish which has been inflicted on a person’s heart by the words or actions of others. Some scars are hidden and some are where the whole world can see them. The bigger and uglier the scar, the more we want to hide it, because we don’t want the world to see us as ugly. And we don’t want people to make fun of our scars.

In Tales of the Kingdom, Scarboy wears on his face the visible result of wounds inflicted by others. He received his scar during branding, at the hands of the evil Burners of Enchanted City, as was done to all children when they became five years old. He was supposed to be branded on his hand, but he had struggled during the process, and the branding iron feel onto his cheek instead!

What shame and teasing he would receive for the rest of his life. The humiliation was so overwhelming at times, as he became known as Scarboy. His greatest challenge was in learning to embrace his scar, and not let it define him for the rest of his life. Eventually, Scarboy would even get a new name, Hero!

Today, people are often bullied or “shoved around” because they appear to be weak and unable to defend themselves. We all have scars. Some of our scars, like Scarboy’s, have been caused by other people. Other scars may be accidental, or even self-inflicted. The source of our scars becomes less relative with the passing of time. It is the presence of scars – and, often, the memory of their infliction – that is the greater burden to bear.

We see scars as the imperfections and blemishes that they are. We all want people to see us as blameless and pure. We do not want their derision and ridicule, because it makes us think about the ugliness of the scars that we bear. The problem is that scars – and the ridicule they spawn – are real. But they are the realities in which grace is often best received and understood.

Grace gives us the ability to bear our scars with dignity. Where grace abounds, people look beyond the scars, offering kindness and forgiveness, revealing the potential and beauty of a soul heretofore bound by depression and fear.

We encourage you to bless your children by using Tales of the Kingdom to teach your children the truth about scars and to accept scarred people with grace and kindness. It may also be an opportunity for you to be sure that you have allowed the grace of God to strengthen you against the debilitating power of your own scars.  Read More About Scarboy | Get the Original Classics | Pre-Order the 30th Anniversary Editions

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The Enchanted City, Chapter 1, Tales of the Kingdom

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The Enchanted City…Good or Evil?

The Enchanted City...Good or Evil“Once upon a time, not long ago and not far away, there was a boy, no longer a child and not yet a man, who lived in the Enchanted City.” So begins Chapter 1, The Enchanted City, of the first book, Tales of the Kingdom by Dr. David and Karen Mains. The Kingdom Tales Trilogy allegorically introduces a very young boy to the evil, as well as the good, that men do by presenting God lessons for children. Heartwarming, yet at times so seemingly cruel, the boy can barely stand up under the burden of caring for his brother, Little Child. Scarboy has lived a lifetime in just a few years and now he must make choices that will shape his life forever.

“Enchantment” – the very word suggests that there are mystical images which are about to be revealed. In a city where night is day and day is night there must be lessons which will be completely out of the ordinary. In a city where the Enchanter rules with fire. He loves fire; loves its power. He calls it to himself and uses it to cast spells.

The Enchanted City, where good is called evil and evil is called good, ruled by the Enchanter who lives by the light of the moon which is a lesser light than the sun. The real Son has no place in his life. The desire for power will always overtake those who want to be in control of their destiny. They are willing to purge anything or anyone who would get in their way. Along their adventure to this conquest many others are wounded or destroyed. As in Enchanted City, the mysticism of doom and gloom lurks in the shadows of each unlit street.

The evil that men do leaves a mark on them which must be covered by the good of a King – the King who has been cast out of their life for so long. Follow along with us as we travel with Scarboy to see how he manages to escape the evil Enchanter and conquer his greatest fear. This adventure of good and evil surely will last a lifetime. Which one will conquer you?

What Do You Find Enchanting in The Enchanted City?

Tales of the Kingdom: The Enchanted City - What Do You Find Enchanting?When David and Karen Mains set out to write the Kingdom Trilogy of inspirational stories for kids they wanted to create a vehicle for presenting God lessons for kids.  And, in Tales of the Kingdom, they did just that.  As you read Chapter 1, The Enchanted City, you see a society that very much resembles our own.  One where the “Enchanter” has blinded the people to the truth and through proclamation has taught that there is no king!

As we bring that to 21st Century America we find that the Enchanter is alive and well!  We have a situation where mankind is blinded to the truth about the King, and all because of the works of the Enchanter! The question becomes, what enchants you?

If you are old enough to remember the 1949 Rogers and Hammerstein hit musical, South Pacific, you probably are familiar with the tune, Some Enchanted Evening.  As the song’s first two lines tell us:

“Some Enchanted Evening 
You may see a stranger.”

Then, as now, one of the things that most of us find enchanting is love.  And, unfortunately, we often “risk it all” to find that love.  Unfortunately, this has resulted in many of us being lead down the garden path, and instead of true love we find pain and devastation.

In as much as the definition of “enchanting” is “Delightfully charming or attractive,” we find that there are a host of things that we can find enchanting and that will keep us from the King.  This ranges from fame and fortune to financial success; from popularity to promiscuity; from self-promotion to over-indulgence.

For the most part, today all of America is “An Enchanted City.”  Unfortunately, the “Enchantment” we have discussed is a guise that prevents us from seeing the awful, horrible truth.  Don’t let the enchantments of this world prevent you from knowing, and seeking, the true King!


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