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The Forbidden Princess - Chapter 7 - Tales of the Resistance

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Can Your Take Care of Yourself?

Chapter 7: The Forbidden Princess – Can Your Take Care of Yourself?We definitely have become a society of self-reliance.  I mean, there are “self-help” sections even in Christian bookstores!  This is also exemplified by the bumper stickers I recently saw.  The first said, “God is my co-pilot” and the other said, “You need to change seats!!!!”  And, that is the reality of life – – we need to be reliant on God, not ourselves.

When writing team Pastor David Mains and his wife, Karen Burton Mains, wrote The Kingdom Trilogy their goal was to create Christian stories for kids.  In the second book of the series, Tales of  the Resistance, in Chapter Seven, The Forbidden Princess, we find Amanda, one of the key characters, responding to an admonishing by softly replying, “I can take care of myself.”  Like so many Christians today, however, she was wrong!  For while so much of society tends to look down on anyone who can’t handle life’s pressures and challenges on their own, scripture tells us that we very much need to be grafted into the Lord!

John 15:5 pretty much sums it all up for us:  “I am the vine, ye are the branches; he who abides in Me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit:  for without Me you can do nothing.”  When the Mains wrote these Bible stories for children they may never have realized the impact that it could, and would!, have on adults as well!


The Forbidden Princess – Chapter 7

The Forbidden Princess

In the courtyard of a small temple on the same street as the grand Dagoda of the Enchanter, the Forbidden Princess came nightly to her balcony so that all who desired gaze at her beauty. She was beautiful, indeed, but her eyes were empty and her expression blank.

Oh great Park.. Great Park. Amanda sighted and longed for the friends, Caretaker and Marcie, remembering the Circle of Sacred Flames and the Great Celebrations. How she would love to make entrance and become real- a princess again.

Despite these longings, she contented herself to be doing the crucial work of the Kingdom. In the months since slipping into the Enchanted City and for the learned respect for her unpolished compatriots in the taxi resistance and for the skills of chief, big operator, and she had discovered that her own gifts of perfect aim and seeing were invaluable to the cause.

Amanda spent many nights in the little courtyard not far from the bustling terminal of the City taxi Company. She liked to sit in the soft light of the courtyard lanterns and remember Great Park — the graceful wood doves, the forest creatures, the pattern of leaf and sun and shade on a hidden stream.

Tales of the Resistance chapter illustrations


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