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The Great Celebration – Chapter 12

The Great Celebration

Oh, happy, happy,” glowed the comet Demereaux, her tail scattering asteroid dust as she sped along the ellipse of her orbit. The King had appointed her his messenger to carry the news of the Great Celebration, and Demereaux loved to be the bearer of good news. “To the Field of Stars,” she called. “A marriage of Great Celebration is near.”

Here in space, as well as in many other places, the King had much to do, but here his majesty blazed forth, here there were no disguises. His feet spanned a galaxy, a corona of light spangled his forehead, and starshine, like brilliants, dazzled in his eyes. He spun new moons and flung them forth. He cast fresh stars into the nighttime eons. When things were disappointing down below, solace was here in these acts of creation, and once spun into being, these created things stayed ordered. Here the Emperor of All, his Father, was close, and they wandered through the worlds together and talked of the wonder of the ways of heaven and of earth.

And now the wedding of his beloved friends was near. Another wobbling tilt of the world, and the Great Celebration would be at hand. All the celestial beings loved to bend near when happy ceremonies took place below. ln readiness, wispy arches of the Milky Way had already draped themselves in the skies beyond the Field of Stars, and the twinkling hosts waited for the word that would gather them close.

“Time! Time!”

The King smiled as he heard Demereaux call out the good news. Here in celestial space there was no time, but always the endless stretching solitude of being,  Nevertheless, the heavenlies delighted in spying on earthtime.

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