The Enchanter’s Revenge – Chapter 10

The Enchanter's Revenge

The fiery rage of the Enchanter flamed. Revenge for the orphan fell wrathfully on the City Taxi Company, and after Burners and Breakers had conducted a brutal demolition raid on the terminal, the evil eye of the Enchanter hunted for one victim more.

The warning bell in the underground garage was still clamoring. Barely moments had passed since the merciless attack had come and gone. Cabbies and mechanics stumbled to their feet, shaken by the brutal hostilities of the cudgels and burning pokers of the raiding secret police. Torn from the wall, the map of Enchanted City burned on the floor. The control panel had been ruthlessly smashed as well as the glassed-in operations office. Fires blazed in overturned buckets of greasy rags and licked their hungry tongues toward nearby oil and grease slicks.

Hero climbed through a ragged hole in the overhead door, which now hung askew, and entered the garage. He had gone to the garbage dump to see if there was any sight of a returning king. Acrid smoke from the oil fires choked him,…[Click LISTEN to hear The Enchanter’s Revenge.]

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