The Carnival Daughter – Chapter 8

The Carnival Daughter

If the Enchanter looked into a child’s eyes, his gaze could burn a scar on the soul. Some children became ill and malformed at his evil glance and were outcast from Enchanted City. These were the lucky ones. Others went away forever into a country that was only in their minds…

Carny lived in a huge mansion on the edge of the mountain that rose behind Enchanted City. Mt. Hill lifted its grand peak to the sky and proudly displayed a vast array of large estates and palatial homes. The child’s father was a wealthy merchant who traveled far to purchase costly goods for sale in the city bazaar.

Carny had everything a girl could want. She never went hungry or shivered in the cold. Her father was rich enough to hire servants. Her mother was beautiful and kind. She had no brothers or sisters demanding to share her toys.

But something was wrong. Something was so wrong with Carny that her mother wept quietly in the day when everyone else was sleeping…..[Click LISTEN to hear The Carnival Daughter]

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