The Orphan Exodus – Chapter 9

The Orphan Exodus

The Dagoda: a palace of brooding towers and iron gates, of council chambers to devise unjust deeds and of courtrooms to sentence the innocent, of fire priests’ cells and the secret service garrison, of prison and torture chambers, of the orphan pavilion where frightened orphans are drilled under the cruel hand of the Orphan Keeper. From this evil center the Enchanter casts his dark spells.

The King and Big Operator approached the Dagoda. Burners guarded all entrances, their pokers glowing luridly in the dark while squads of Breakers boot-stomped in and out, cudgels held attack-ready. Both men knew it was a dangerous night.

Big Operator nodded. They must do what they had come to do quickly lest their bold plan be aborted. {Click LISTEN to hear The Orphan Exodus.}

For days the drivers and dispatchers had watched the King and the chief huddled together behind the glassed-in of the City Taxi Company—-— another rescue strategy was in the making. All sensed the bond of love between the two as they concentrated on unfolded maps on the desk, but none knew the plan they were devising was so desperate it could well be Big Operator’s last……….

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