The Song Studio – Chapter 11

The Song Studio

There was a Song Fest this afternoon, and they were getting ready outside the Song Studio, Hero waited anxiously for Thespia. Inside he could hear the singers practicing their warming—up scales. There was a Song Fest this afternoon, and they were making ready.

Why had the King sent the two of them on this particular assignment? Usually Hero saw Thespia only at the Drama Center or when her troupe was performing Street Theatre. She was a beautiful and talented Player, and although he admired her obvious gifts on stage, he had doubts as to her abilities on special assignment. She wasn’t a Ranger Fighter. She wasn’t a seasoned warrior. Sometimes special assignments were risky, and he wanted to know that his partner was skilled at coping with danger.

“Hello,” said a voice at his elbow. It was Thespia, and he was struck again with her beauty. Good for the stage, good for street theatre, but what good would it do if things turned ugly? He hoped the King knew what he was doing.

“Well, hello to you. There’s a Song Fest this afternoon,” he said, explaining the noises from inside.

“Oh, good,” she replied as they entered the door together. “I love Song Fests.”

The two took seats in the middle of the Song Studio meeting room, where many were gathering to take part in the festival. Musicians were practicing their instruments. Cellos leaned against supports, violins rested on felt cloths, music stands were scattered here and there. A dais stood in the center of the room, where the performing musician would sing or play……

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